Thursday, March 29, 2012

What does teaming up with SydneyPLUS mean to Inmagic users in the UK?

SydneyPLUS just announced it has partnered with Inmagic to deploy local support services to UK based Inmagic clients.

Teaming up with SydneyPLUS last fall has allowed Inmagic to begin expanding the products and services offered to its clients. Historically, Inmagic delivered software and services in the UK through its resellers and partners. Moving away from this approach, in February it setup shop in the SydneyPLUS UK branch offices and began to deliver free library and technical support to all local Inmagic users – a benefit that was greatly appreciated given the number of inbound calls received.

Delivering local support in the UK is one of a number of benefits to come out of the SydneyPLUS Inmagic partnership and users can also expect to feel the SydneyPLUS difference in other ways. Already the teams working on DB/Text, Genie and Presto have been expanded to accelerate the development of new features. With this newly gained momentum, Inmagic has just released the new DB/Text for SQL v13 and also committed to shortly releasing both Genie v3.5 and Presto v3.9 as well as new DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher service packs.

Aside from Inmagic, other KM companies such as CuadraSTAR, Questor Systems, and LookUP Precision are also receiving the benefits of being affiliated with SydneyPLUS. The ability to go to a single vendor capable of meeting all of one’s KM needs has an inherent economic and business value that librarians recognize and want.

For Inmagic and its UK library community, being affiliated with SydneyPLUS has clearly opened the door to a greater variety of KM products and cost effective services. For further information about SydneyPLUS or any of its affiliates, email with your questions.

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