Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SydneyPLUS Listens to Library Directors

SydneyPLUS staff recently attended the Ark Group / Managing Partner Magazine's 4th Annual "Best Practice & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library & Information Service Centers" on February 25 held in New York.

The seminar was attended by more than 50 directors and managers of law firm libraries. Notably, 6 out of the 11 speakers were SydneyPLUS clients; it is always admirable to see our clients share with their peers! If you were not able to attend in person, then you may want to read the posting by Greg Lambert, Library & Records Manager, King & Spalding.

There were a number of KM initiatives discussed as means for the library to serve the business interests of the firm, including expertise management, which is the practice of providing a means of collecting the skills and experience of staff for the purpose of helping identify the right person for a given project. SydneyPLUS offers an expertise management system.

SydneyPLUS published an article in LibraryWorks describing such an expertise management system, which uses SydneyPLUS kmBuilder, our user interface for creating relational databases (SQL or Oracle), and SydneyPLUS Information Manager, our user interface for building a KM portal. The result is a flexible system for storing any data about a person's experience.

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