Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prevent Pollution With SydneyPLUS

As autumn has arrived at our headquarters, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and the falling leaves has made us reflect on how nature is constantly “recycling.”

At SydneyPLUS International, we practice Pollution Prevention (P2) year round, which has us not only recycling, but minimizing pollution.

Environment Canada defines Pollution Prevention as a movement:

“…when people change their plans, practices and habits in order to reduce the generation of pollution and waste at the source….”

While there are many examples of P2, and Environment Canada has a “tip sheet” for your business, we want to share with you a couple of stories involving SydneyPLUS staff.

SydneyPLUS encourages staff to bicycle to work because Richmond, BC is relatively flat and the maritime climate makes the weather the same from day to day, if a bit rainy. “I bike to work every day,” says R&D staff person Gordon Tisher. “It prevents pollution and improves my health…” With showers provided on site and secure storage, SydneyPLUS makes it easy for staff to bicycle to work, and it helps to be part of a community that promotes cycling, such as the convenience of taking a bicycle on public transit.

Turning off the lights is a simple step to preventing pollution. If you have visited our headquarters for training, then you may have found yourself briefly in the dark. “While not our intention,” chuckles Mark Maslowski, Manager of Marketing, “we have had staff turn off the lights in our conference room with the clients still in it when leaving the room… it is part of our routine for staff to finds ways to conserve energy.”

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