Friday, September 25, 2009

SydneyPLUS New York Office Moves: New location to improve service infrastructure

(Vancouver, Canada – September 25, 2009) SydneyPLUS International, producer of innovative km solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world, has moved their New York offices to a new midtown location.

When Dedicated Account Representative and office manager Andrea Specchialo wanted to upgrade office network and telephone lines to better serve customers, she discovered they would have to change location: The office just did not have the needed service infrastructure – and so began the search for a new office.

After a thorough survey of the New York area, Andrea found an excellent centrally located space at 230 Park Avenue, formerly known as the Helmsley Building at 46th Street. “Like all good New Yorkers we are concerned about location, location, location, so what could be better than to move into a premier landmark building everyone recognizes,” says Andrea. “Especially if it turns out that the location has both the full service infrastructure we need, along with an excellent rental proposition.”
“When Andrea brought me her proposal” says Neil Corris, Operations Director at SydneyPLUS, “I realized we had to act: Here was an opportunity to serve our customers better while still being able to exercise the type of fiscal prudence all companies are compelled to these days.”

The new office has:
  • the service infrastructure needed to enhance our telephone and networking capabilities with clients
  • a midtown address that both New Yorkers and visitors will find easy to locate
“When visiting our city or, if you are a local and simply have the opportunity, we invite our clients to drop by and see us in our new building,” says Joe Phillips, veteran SydneyPLUS Technical Support Representative / Dedicated Account Representative.

Completely modernized and a full service building, the historic tower originally served as headquarters of the New York Central railroad companies. Above the elevator doors, bronze reliefs depict a winged helmet surrounding a globe, symbolizing the American empire's global reach. Today the building is making headway into how historic properties can meet the needs of the next century.

SydneyPLUS New York is located at 230 Park Ave, 10th Floor, New York, New York.

About SydneyPLUS International
As a leading developer of Knowledge Management solutions since 1977, SydneyPLUS has partnered with some of the world’s leading businesses — including Fortune 1000 companies and law firms — to provide increased financial and organizational returns through improved access to information.
Whether the goal is to manage a single database of experts within a pharmaceutical company, the digitized special effects collection of a film production company, or all the corporate libraries within a multinational law firm, any organization will achieve increased benefits from more efficient access to their high-value knowledge assets, while enhancing revenues, dramatically increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. SydneyPLUS International is available online at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SydneyPLUS SNUG 2009 goes virtual

Press Release:

SydneyPLUS SNUG 2009 goes virtual (Vancouver, Canada - September 17, 2009). This year's SNUG (SydneyPLUS National Users Group) meeting, held on September 15, 2009, was an unqualified success - perhaps the best so far. Surprisingly, this meeting almost didn't happen. With the economic downturn, many companies had reduced their travel budgets, making it hard for users to get to the proposed annual SNUG meeting in Chicago. Undaunted, this year's SNUG client committee decided to turn the situation into an opportunity and host a virtual meeting over the internet. Originally aimed at SydneyPLUS clients in North America, SNUG 2009 would now be open to the world.

Being new to a venture on this scale, client committee members, with the assistance of SydneyPLUS, worked over the summer to plan, organize and test the technology necessary to make it all happen. In the end, the careful planning paid off and the meeting went smoothly. The topics were timely and the sessions were packed to a "virtual" capacity. This year's sessions focused on best practices in managing e-journals, SharePoint integration and new product development - such as the SydneyPLUS cost Recovery Module. All sessions were well-attended and enthusiastically received. So much so, that the SNUG09 Twitter page, provided to ensure clients could post feedback during the sessions, hummed with comments like, "Wow, we just finished the first session. This was an awesome experience. Thanks to all who presented and participated." and "We just completed a very successful meeting. It was EXCELLENT!"

This year's SNUG had a number of firsts:
  • Due to its online nature, SNUG 2009 was open to clients around the world.
  • Best practices sessions were recorded, allowing clients unable to attend to learn from other clients.
  • The use of Twitter to post feedback about the conference helped ensure the meeting kept on track.
  • Special effort was focused toward making clients from the diverse industries SydneyPLUS supports, feel represented. To that end, presentations were kept short, providing opportunity for interests to be heard from all industries.
With such a positive reception, it's likely the client committee will consider continuing this approach in future SNUG meetings. In the meantime, SydneyPLUS clients can further network by visiting the client supported SNUG wiki at They are also welcome to follow SydneyPLUS at